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08-16-2012, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by JABEE View Post
Rollbacks have an impact on already agreed upon contracts. It would be the only way to implement the NHL's proposal of cutting the player's portion of the revenue from 57% to a number in the 40s. Since only the payment structure is currently layed out Nashville or Weber would be paying less under the NHL's proposal. I don't know. Weber is most likely staying in Nashville, but it still is weird that it has been over 20 days since the match without a signed contract and Nashville and Weber's agents are still squabbling over a standard NMC. That doesn't sound like a steady relationship between your captain and the team.
Sure rollbacks have an impact, but there is nothing that Nashville or Shea Weber can do about it. It's collective bargaining. They are both bound by the agreement between the two groups, whatever it may be. It's not Nashville imposing any additional terms on Weber's contract, it's the NHLs agreement with ALL the players.

Why Weber hasn't signed his SPC is anybody's guess. Maybe they are/were waiting for a couple NHL/NHLPA proposals to go back and forth to see what is happening and what concessions are being made before finalizing the terms of the SPC. Maybe there is discord. I'm not gonna jump to conclusions over him not signing a SPC the minute the offersheet was matched. I can't imagine that Nashville would make a huge issue out of a NTC after matching this offersheet. I seriously doubt they matched it with the intention of ever trading Weber.

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