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Originally Posted by halloffame View Post
I have to say something-- The ohl crack down on Windsor is dumb founded- this is all about the NCAA losing players who had verbal agreements to play at major college program. The NCAA only give drafted players 48 hours to stay in Major A camps or risk losing their scholarship. So if a player is drafted by ohl team and says that he doesnt intend to report but go the college route, doesnt it make sense for the ohl team to purse him and should they also not offer a package that will bring him to their club. Athlete in the NCAA are not allowed to financial means like a job while on scholarship, yet none athletes can???? Dave branch says that we have to maintain integrety in the game and make sure we have a level playing field, thats a bunch of tommyraut for lack of a better term.So if a player is drafted and is pursued to play junior rather than play NCAA and offered money, that how the business world works its allowed in the NHl so why is it so corrupt when a ohl team or any other team does it-The NCAA should make the grass on their side alittle more greener for athletes than complain what organization are doing out side of the NCAA- Bougner i believe should file a lawsuit against the ohl. Max Domi said he was going NCAA ,Kingston drafted him and didnt report and kingston received a first rounder the following yr from the ohl and came to london some thing smell here and in the ohl sniff sniff
The question that I would have is this: are the "illegal practices" benefitting the team by making them a "super team", or is it simply making an undecided player choose the OHL over the NCAA?

If it is for the first (making a super team with the best possible selection of players by manipulating the draft -both the Priority Selection and Import), or offering huge monetary inducements to players to ask for trades to super teams, then I think it is fair for the OHL governors to try and level the playing field for all the teams.

If the charge involves luring a truly NCAA player committed to a US college (not a draft manipulator) then I am not as sure that the charges (whatever they may be) are as fair.

These two points are being thrown in the pot together but in my opinion, they are two very separate issues that make for two very separate conclusions. To keep the OHL competitive (and more enjoyable for the fans and players) the league needs to be able to have some control over the creation of super teams and the disparity between the haves and have-nots. As a fan, you'd like to see games where the outcome is not always a given and as a player you'd like to be selected for a team for the same reason.

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