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Originally Posted by Spooner st View Post
Well before we declare Jared Knight our next savior ( i see you were exposed to the Dom factor) let him show what he can do in the pro's and specially stay healthy or the excuses will flood HFB.

As for Marchand he already proved he can deliver EVERYWHERE HE PLAYED.
See his time in Halifax, Marchand was/is clutch often in his career, to say he delivered "EVERYWHERE" isn`t true I`m afraid, hands down, the most entitled, selfish player I`ve had to digest in my 7 years as a Mooseheads season tix holder, he`s matured, but still needs to do more of it IMO.

Please feel free where I stated without question Knight is the 'saviour', pretty sure I used the word "could"

Dom is a regular/respected and well informed poster here whom has watched Knight play more than, I suspect most here, and while I often use first hand sources here to keep me informed, both they, and I are quick to point out, that NO prospect is a guarantee but you feel free to pinpoint me as someone who strictly piggybacks on the opinion of others.

I have read accounts from more than a few GM`s when speaking about Knight referring him to as a kid who any NHL team would welcome into their organization as a guy who busts his arse each shift, is coachable, has some offensive touch, and will never have coaches/gm`s/fans feel cheated with his play, how that translates once his pro career begins who knows, but to discount his potential also isn`t wise.

Again, IF Knight has a solid year, whether that`s in Providence or not, it opens the doors of options for Chia as any prospects play does when they convince Mngt/Coaches they are ready

Again, feel free to find the quote where I intimated he was a saviour, I know you included various 'emotions' but not sure your statement is true that fans here believe a prospect in the system is a saviour.............although I do think Spoons has a 'chance' to be one heck of a PP guy

By the posts I have read for some time now re: Knight, the overwhelming majority here have expressed a ton of excitement with the prospect of watching Knight/Spooner/Koko/Dougie, haven`t read one fan proclaim ANY of them to be saviours

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