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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
Considering I don't have the document in front of me, no. But what pieces I have read from journalists non-player spending includes travel expenses, marketing, front office, coaches, trainers etc.
If there's a cap on the actual talent, then it would seem fair to have a cap on these fronts as well regardless of the market you play in.

The players cap doesn't take location into consideration, why should front office, trainers and coaching staff?

Travel is what is it, the teams can't fix geographic locations and as such they HAVE to travel.

Marketing, not sure how capping marketing dollars makes any sense from eithe rsides perspective.

The more marketing you do, the better for the sport as a whole. As such it should equate to MORE revenue for the NHL.

I have a hard time believing that the NHLPA would propose a limit on marketing.

The real problem with the NHL, and most sports is that there are going to be teams that struggle to make a profit and there are going to be teams that can print money. The Owners need to concede that and then concede that they need those smaller market teams healthy and the ONLY way to do that is with a better revenue sharing plan with better oversight to ensure that the shared dollars are being re-invested into the on ice product.

We can't have situations like in MLB where the Florida Marlins were paid in revenue sharing, MORE then they were paying players salaries for the year. That happened twice.

The players are not at fault. The owners are because they do not recognize the fundamental issue that affects the imbalance of the game, or they willfully ignore it.

I agree that some reduction in the dividing of the pie is in order, but anything less than 53% to the players is completely unjust.

The Owners beat the players into submission 6 years ago and got all of the cost certainty they cried they were lacking. So now, here we are with the owners saying "what we took from you then wasn't and isn't enough, we want more"

the owners right now look like a fat person with a turkey under each arm crying that he doesn't have a ham.

If the players are smart, they do not agree to a deal until after January 1st. So that teh NHL HAS to cancel the Winter Classic.

That's alot of lost revenue for the league. NHL owners want to stick it to the players, I say fight fire with fire.

Don't get me wrong, I want to see the season start on time. I want to see the Winter Classic. But I want a fair deal and what teh Owners are doing right now is not fair. Not at all.

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