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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Lars Eller didn't had any chance to prove it either.

I remember Pacioretty....first two season stuck on the third line......
86 games, only had 6 goals and 19 passes for 25 points.

And we put him on the second (With Gomez nonetheless) and he put up 14 goals and 10 passes for 24 points in 37 games.

Eller is in the same position as Pacioretty was. Never got a chance so far.

And Eller got 16 goals last year.
16 goals playing 300 minutes less than Desharnais
Playing 200 PP minutes less than Desharnais
Playing with far worst winger than Desharnais
Playing a shutdown type of game.

Give him all that Desharnais had last years......and you have a center able to score 25-30 goals a year. Passes are great.....Goals are way better!!!

Just look at powerplay.

Eller scored 2 goals playing 52 minutes in PP
Desharnais scored 3 goals playing 266 minutes in PP

And don't start with the arguments that he is a playmaker not a scorer (just like Gomez and Koivu used to be) cause Pacioretty only scored 4 goals in 250 minutes of PP

What proof Desharnais had before getting his chance?? None, he got his chance because if this guy don't put up offensive, he's totally useless (can't play shutdown, can't play physical, can't play energy he must be on an offensive line or on the bench).
Do you understand that in order to get those goals, they have to get the passes first ? Ever played hockey ?

Weak and flawed argumentation...

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