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12-03-2003, 08:02 PM
Michael Karlstrom II
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Originally Posted by sarge88
Very interesting post, now can someone please fill me in about the O'Reill not liking Neely thing. I was a young teen at the time and I pretty much only watched the games and didn't spend a lot of time on the NET researching the team back then - LOL.

I wish I could remember the exact details of the O'Reilly/Neely thing since I made the reference but truth is that it is so long ago I cant really remember my source here. Basically I think the basics of the disagreement boiled down to the generality of why O'Reilly resigned as coach even after leading us to a first place finish and a trip to the finals in his two years as head coach. O'Reilly was just a very demanding type of personality. Neely was a super stud in the making who was a bit inconsistent with his play early in his career to the point that the Nucks gave up on him.

I think that if I do remember things correctly O'Reilly just rode Neely really hard and Cam didn't always bring it every night and O'Reilly got more on his case like a tough love trying to convince Cam that he could do more than he was doing. As is usually the case when someone is riding us this hard, we don't appreciate it at the time.

I am tempted to say that I read about the whole thing in the Hockey News as it was my usual source of information in those days. Maybe I read about it as a reason why O'Reilly resigned as I was very upset myself when he did. O'Reilly was always my superhero and I was a bit shocked when I read that he had not gotten along with Neely or Ranford.

I might well have only seen this story in just one place so forgive me if maybe I make more of it here then is warranted. I mean it might only have been Derek Sanderson on a telecast who was my source here and we all know that not all of Sanderson's stories were as accurate as they might have otherwise been.

Anyhow... it was fun to be a Bruin fan through the late 80's and into the mid 90's. I think it might have been better for the team if the Moog trade hand't happened but I was still proud that the team had a couple trips to the finals in this time and I loved watching Bourque and Neely and Oates and company go out there every night with a chance to win cause we did have a chance to win every night back in those days.

I think we are at that point again... I dont see us going out there against anyone this year where I cant see a way for us to win. We have already beaten Colorado. Detroit is old. Vancouver seems to be more of a one line team than we are. Philly is big but not bigger then us and the Devils dont have the depth we do which is shocking considering that they got by with their depth for the last ten years or more.

We are a younger team and young teams need to learn how to win. Having a guy like Lapointe on the team has to be a good thing but I think we need another guy or two who has some good playoff success on his resume. A dman like a Keith Carney who went to the finals last year and maybe a center like Mike Peca who is practically willing to die on the ice for a win would do wonders in making us the favorites to win the cup this year for my money.

Anaheim isnt likely to move Carney if they are in the hunt but should they falter I wouldnt be shocked to see him available. Otherwise there are a few other guys who I think will be available and whom I think would bring the same type of contibutions to the table.

Peca is really the guy who interests me at the moment. I dont understand what is going on with the Islanders but if they do put Peca on the block for a cost cutting move I sure hope we are the winning bid. There aren't three prospects in the system I wouldnt offer up for Peca. Put him inbetween Samsonov and Rolston maybe and then let Lapointe and Bergeron stay together moving down to the checking line with Axelsson and we are talking about some really serious forward depth for the top three lines.

I want a cup victory as badly as anyone now. We are close enough we should be willing to sacrafice some of the future to go over the top.

I have always argued our drafting is better than anyones. Even three years ago I was making the argument based on the fact we had more draftees in the NHL than anyone else. I think if anything our drafting got even better the last three years than it was when I first started making this argument. If anyone can afford to move a few kids to load up this year it is us.

Put Peca into the lineup if he is available... then make a move for a 20+ min a game playoff warrior stud type dman like a Carney or Boughner and move Moran to the box and I really like our chances for the cup.

Go Bruins Go