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08-16-2012, 10:09 AM
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You know. The more and more I think about this, the more and more likely I am going to start to treat hockey like other sports. I had a deep love for the game, but when people start discussing a 50/50 player/owner split and rational and good I start to question all rationality.

Start to consider all the expenses involved with the other 50 percent of the revenue, all the way from GM's to coaching staffs to trainers to ice girls. How does all this get paid for? Some of it is from media revenue, in which a team like Columbus can not keep up with the larger market teams. The local population will only pay so much for a ticket. Eventually you simply get to a point that a market like ours can not raise ticket prices and can not get additional revenue from other sources. We will only pay so much for a beer. Meanwhile you get mocked by the pompous ass fans of the larger market teams.

Frankly when is the last time that you talked to the owner of our company (or the board) and told them how much people of your job function should receive in a paycheck as a percentage of overall company revenue? You would get laughed out of the office.

Frankly, these fights really make me consider even my now really modest investment in the team. The only reason I do it now is so that I go to a few games and help keep the team local so I can watch the team on TV. I'm not even sure how much I care to spend my money on playoff tickets now.

The steady increase in revenue with the widening gap in have's .vs. have nots, on top of the player being greedy frigin ********, on top of the large market teams exploiting their revenue streams..... I can go on and on.

I'll be honest, I'm getting to the point I've got bigger things to worry about in my life without listening to these jack holes squabbling. My heart bleeds for none of them. Owners fighting owners, players fighting owners. Meanwhile every last one of them has a pretty good lifestyle. Me? I'm just trying to figure out retirement while perhaps helping a future blahblah junior go to college.

Screw every last one of the player and owners. I love hockey, but the rest of them? The only thing that makes me not turn away from it is my love for the game on top of the players that make a difference in the community. Why should I care about these jackholes, when the best times this fanbase will have is if we build a consistent playoff contender with a once a decade realistic chance (if we are lucky) at a Cup run. Where the best you can hope for is maybe to model ourselves after the Preds.

I have no tolerance for this. The upcoming Presidential election is far more important.

Increasing the number of playoff teams to increase interest and soak every last dollar they can out of us? Screw that and screw them. I am not a frigin lemming.

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