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Originally Posted by SaveByLundqvist View Post
Is the 57/43 split of revenues based on the assumption that all teams would spend to the max, which is how the cap limit is reached each year? I would love to analyze the NHL's financials and work out the actuals to find the real split.

The parity in the NHL is great right now, and let's remember Gary getting his cap back in 2005 was a BIG step. The Owners come out with a low ball offer, and then the PA proposes a plan that helps both sides (I understand they might have to meet in the middle somewhere), yet Gary comes out saying the sides are very far apart. Bettman to me is making himself look like a villian here, wish the owners would boot this clown. He's going for the lockout hat trick...
pretty sure that 57% is the 'midpoint' and then the cap is +$8 mil, floor is -$8 mil from that point. so if everyone spends to the cap the players will get more than 57%

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