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08-16-2012, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
Caps practices are open to the public. I haven't gone myself, but there are a few folks around here who visit occasionally. Camps are usually more interesting.

Laich has become one of the new "divisive" players around these parts (HFBoards). Some still support him, others chose him as a scapegoat and view him as overpaid. Our previous scapegoats have been run out of town, so some people needed a new whipping boy and apparently it's Laich's turn in line. From fans in general (non-HFBoards) the view of him is typically pretty positive.

Brads was generally liked in DC, and the reaction to his comments here depended on each individual's views on Semin. Semin supporters generally didn't like Bradley's comments and criticsized him for it. Semin haters lauded him and used it as another reason to deride Semin.
Some of us have never bought into the Brooks Laich mythology. I'm not really sure who has turned on him recently, but I certainly haven't and I know a couple of other people have disliked him for a while.

Edit: If anything, I think some Semin supporters have taken anti-Laich positions recently because they consider Laich to be the anti-Semins' ideal or something. That's probably what you're seeing. Personally, I've always known Brooks Laich had the biggest ego on the team.

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