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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
Outch, prepare yourself to be desapointed..

Im not saying he is a bad player, he never stopped improving and he deserves alot of credit for doing it.. But when you look at the situation coldly (cause believe it or not Im a fan of his determination and personality), DD remains a pretty average skater for a such undersized little man and his shot isnt a threat for the opponents at all.. Still, I think some people just dont realize all the space both Cole and Pac create on the ice with their combinaison of size, speed and talent, what gives DD more time to make his plays.. you put Plekanec between those 2 guys and I would bet my house that this line would kill the competition every shifts at both ends of the ice.. Anyway, as long as DD will play between Cole and Pac he has no reason to be worried, his wingers create enough of room for him to showcase his playmaking skills..
Look at how good DD is in the trafic around the net. Win battle all night long. Sure that help to have big guys around him. Gretzky played with Semenko ! Greztky wasnt big, wasnt a fast skater or a powerful sniper, but still managed to biult a decent career. Smart player find a way to succed.

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