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08-16-2012, 11:52 AM
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When it's your turn to get onto the ice, how do you know it's your turn and when your ready to go back in your bench (your totally tired)?

If there are set lines, know the guy playing your position on the line ahead of you. When he comes off, you go on. If it's pickup, you go on when you are the last guy up the boards and the player coming off yells out the position you will play.

You typically want to change after 45-60 seconds. Change when your team has possession of the puck and is moving it into the offensive zone (either dump or carry).

If you're not changing after about 90 seconds, you are taking shifts too long. Watch the clock or watch who came on the ice before/after you.

Taking shifts too long makes you tired and lazy. If you are feeling fresh after 90 seconds, you're not skating hard enough. Nobody likes a guy who takes long shifts.

For me, I skate hard, try and get up the ice maybe once or twice, and then come off when we have the puck and are moving up ice. It's almost always 60 seconds or so.

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