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[QUOTE=Tadite;53602931]That whole argument is silly.

The ThrustSSC is the fastest car in the world. It holds the world record and is literally supersonic. It can't win the Dakar Rally or the WRC. It's never going to be a F1 champion and LeMans isn't in the cards.

That doesn't' change that in you want to have a land speed record it's the car to beat. Your argument of "But, but, but, but he isn't fastest is every single thing that can or could be done in all history." Is just silly. So... "fastest man in the world" goes to the fastest sprinter in the 100m. The guy with the world record is likely the fastest person, ever.

This is a totally contrary way of looking at things in my opinion and that is where we differ. Simply because I disagree with the notion that the only fastest person in the world of Olympic competition has to be the winner of the 100m dash doesn't make make me wrong or you right. What it does is make a debatable position.

Your fastest car in the world analogy only further proves my point. It is like saying that the fastest drag race car in the world is the only fastest car in the world when there are several other cars that will go much faster than a drag race car in different means of competition.

If your position was that Bolt was the quickest man to ever compete in the Olympics I would absolutely agree with you. Fastest and quickest are clearly two different measurements of speed and the 100m accurately measures the quickest Olympic athlete (the person who can get up to top speed in the shortest amount of time) it doesn't accurately measure who is the fastest.

From the start of this debate my position has been that Bolt simply isn't capable of calling himself the greatest athlete of all time or that it is right to call him the fastest man in history because we have no way of knowing if someone has ever been faster throughout human history nor is he the fastest human beyond 100m. There are legitimate variables to factor in and their validity is beyond reproach.

Is Bolt the fastest man ever to compete at the Olympics in the 100m dash yes, and by a long shot it looks like in his sport but that doesn't make him the fastest man on earth, only the fastest at his particular arena of competition. He is like every other Olympic competitor that sets any world record at any event, they are the best at that particular event in Olympic history, that is a fact but that is also all that they have accomplished.

Or what he's done. He's just achieved a level of physical dominance that's nothing short of amazing. If he had lived in ancient Greece they'd be writing him into the Iliad as a demi-god. Simply saying "you don't follow track" is a little bit of a put down for one of the most amazing athletic achievements, ever. You don't need to follow baseball to know how Babe Ruth is or boxing for Ali or hockey for 99 or basketball for MJ.

Again, my position would be that while Bolt's accomplishment(s) in his area's of competition are nothing short of amazing, they aren't the best way or only way of determining who might actually be the fastest human to ever live nor do they make him the greatest athlete of all time.

I simply am not a summer Olympics guy. It isn't a put down to me by not being aware of Bolt beyond what I picked up while drinking coffee for ten minutes one morning, it is a statement of fact. Where I live it wasn't big news at all. I can tell you all about what everyone involved with the hockey team in St Johns is up to during the summer but beyond that and other hockey related issues I am a involved in other things and simply don't really care about the other sports.

I don't think you can take a joke. One line, increasingly over-hyped, doesn't mean anything. Mostly he, like the world, says the decathletes are the best overall athletes. But, you know, heaven forbid someone being excited after achieving one of the most amazing things ever.

I responded to what Bolt has said when I heard/read it without knowing anything about him or his sport. I responded to what he had said and how it was received by the reporter who wrote about it. It was never mentioned that Bolt was or might have been joking.

Had they and other media outlets since then said that he was joking I wouldn't have responded. I can take a joke, in this case someone should have let the rest of us in on it I guess. To the very casual observer he sure looked serious.

Well... sure don't see these same types of pretend outrage when white athletes say things (and no your one or two examples doesn't really outweigh the amazingly large amount on the other side). Do tend to see if all the time when black athletes do.

Alright I suppose but it hasn't anything in the slightest bit to do with what I have written in this thread nor does it even belong being in our discussion due to the fact that I have never said one thing Bolt as anyone other than an athlete who made a stupid comment. To bring up race is simply a racist thing to me. It assumes that my position and the positions of those who say anything contrary on the matter are racist and that seems like a kind of racist thing to do without at the very least knowing the other posters personally.

As to your position regarding preferential treatment of white athlete's all that I can say is that it happens everywhere and it is a shameful thing. But then I have never once even alluded to thinking anything different so again, I don't see why race/color has to be brought into this debate at all.

I responded to what the athlete Bolt had said, I don't know him as a person and haven't any opinion about who he is other than his statement regarding his being the greatest athlete to ever live. Who he is outside of the Olympic athlete that made a ridiculous statement doesn't matter to me at all. If he had been any race creed or color I would have had the exact same response to what was said.

This is cliche tabloid fodder and it's embarrassing that we still have this in the 21st century.

I agree. I will only add that Bolt said what he said and it being reported, while annoying was a correct statement of fact. A thread was made here and people responded to it. Right or wrong Bolt is responsible for making the statement(s). You follow his sport exceedingly more closely then I do and are in doing so privy to all of the nuances of the particular athletes involved. I can only take what was said at face value. What was said was reported in the sports pages of several major papers and here we are.

You must be joking. I'm really hoping all of this was sarcastic. You understand where that comes from.... right?

No, it wasn't sarcastic. I am absolutely unaware that any human has an extra bone in their feet that makes them run faster. If I don't follow Bolt's sport at all how would I know that he has an extra bone in his foot? Why would I have to be being sarcastic about not knowing this? I mean do you know that I have over 17 different metal pins in my body holding different bones and bits together?

A few of them make it to where I can still skate pretty well all these years after the injury that caused them to be placed in my body. Should you know that fact about me or care about it all? Besides, how would having an extra bone in your foot make you run faster? Like I said, it sounds at best to be a suspicious statement but then again, if it is true I would believe that the Olympics wouldn't have allowed the guy to compete at all.

My position has been throughout this debate that what Bolt said was ridiculous and that is all that I am saying. I have responded to some of the ancillary points that you and a couple of other posters have brought up along the way but the meat of this entire silly debate is that an Olympic athlete said something ridiculous in my opinion and that is the entirety of what I believe about the matter, nothing more, nothing less.

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