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Originally Posted by turbodaze View Post
Do I tape the end of the shaft on my hockey stick?

Is there a item players put on the back of the stick? Whats the name of it?

random question too...

How often should I change the hockey blade?
Like the butt end?
If so then yes it's usually what your glove grips onto.
It's down to personal preference, I generally start about 6 inches from the top of the shaft and tape it up to the top, then I keep wrapping the tape round until there's about half cm thickness of tape making the butt end.

I keep my tape whole and use the full width of the tape to make the butt end, others may split the tape down the centre and make a thinner butt end and how many times they wrap the tape around to determine how much tape makes the buttend.

As I said it's all personal preference, I like mine thin and barely noticeable but still enough there for some grip, I know guys who put next to know tape there and others who put half a roll on their sticks and it looks more like they've just put a full roll of tape on the top of their stick.

As for changing the blade there can be a few factors, if it's broken, chipped or cracked to make it 'weak' then I'd change it. The main thing though is when it goes soft. You'll notice it more with the composite blades, when they are new the blade is very rigid and's hard to twist and bend the blade. Over time through wear and tear the material inside the blade start breaking. You've probably seen it on a very worn blade that has the 'varnish' type covering worn away on the bottom of the blade, you'l' be able to open the blade as it'll be split along the bottom.

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