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08-16-2012, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Gm0ney View Post
Every month the players are locked out, they forgo a collective $200,000,000+ in salary that they will never recoup. $1.8 billion total for the season (or about $1.4 billion if they take the NHL's current offer as it stands). It's not like holding out will get that money back. They have no leverage. They'd be wise to have this settled before training camp. I don't think the owners care about PR, or the first 3 months of the season - the owners lose less money than the players and all have plenty of other irons in the fire (Birchwood Auto Group, Comcast, Rogers, Rexall, etc.). They hold all the cards, and they know it...and so should the players (although there are a bunch of Taylor Hall-types who could fail an open-book boating safety exam 3 times, so I don't think you'd go broke betting against their analytical skills).
Sorry to be OT but is this based of something? did taylor do something stupid? Not defending him, genuinely interested.

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