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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
As anyone will tell you, results without context have little value. Qual Comps need to be added to see if Letang posted these results against top competition or not. Being a PIT fan and watching just about every game for the last 5 years, Letang usually draws the 2nd lines and this is verified by him having the 3rd highest Qual Comp on his team.

Zone starts also give great context. Posting great +- is easy when you start 50% of the time in the O zone, like Letang does.

I also suggest looking at +- OFF ICE/60min for the players. This gives you the WYWO perspective.

SV% ON ice while having a high QualComp will generally show you who the studs are (on a team). Just note that you can ONLY compare this to their teammates.

He is an elite Dman (or at least has been for the last 1.5 seasons), but is not on the scale of Chara, Webber, or probably Karlson IMO. I think Karlsson and Letang will probably be the best 2 offensive D men in the league for a while with Green falling off the map. Letang will soon be a 7mil D man or more on his next contract.
1. As per Qualcomp article, that will factor very little into the analysis. Probably not worth bothering with since it'll be an immaterial difference.

2. Zone starts are important. True, it would be useful to include them in the analysis no doubt. You'd have to use relative zone starts though (relative to the team you play on, for example, Ottawa is in the offensive zone more than 50% of the time, while St. Louis let's say is in the offensive zone less than 50% of the time, Player A on Ottawa at 50% offensive zone starts is actually being more defensively used than Player A on St. Louis at 50% offensive zone starts.

3. Already captured that in +/- relative (2nd chart)

4. Save percentage ON: I'm not really sure there's a lot of value added to including that in the analysis, but to each his own.

The main issue with Letang is that he didn't necessarily play enough games for Qualcomp not to matter, and it's also comparing apples to oranges in using team-relative stats since the stats he has are from only a sample of the team's total 82 games.

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