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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Completely irrelevant to my overall point, see:

If a player is given disproportionate offensive zone starts, power play time, and the team's two best offensive wingers then 16 goals and 44 assists isn't an accomplishment we should all celebrate, it's the expectation.

Koivu spent 10 years (not 1 year) matching and often surpassing that production while playing with whatever garbage wingers Gainey would cook up for him. 60 points with Brian Savage and Matt D'Agostini, not 60 points with Erik Cole and Max Pacioretty.

Plekanec did much better when he had similarly good wingers. 70 points with Andrei Kostitsyn and Kovalev/Cammalleri.

Both Koivu and Plekanec achieved what they did on offense while also providing shutdown production on defense.
How can the expectation for a guy you feel isn't worth keeping to that he must finish top 20 in centers?

Besides, one would argue camalleri was our best offensive weapon, not maxpac or cole going into the year. One would argue gionta and cole have had comparable production over the length of their careers.

If DD is such a misplaced player in that role, then why did ALL 3 have career years? I understand if you say Cole and Max bring more to the table, absolutely. I just don't understand the logic of saying DD should be shipped out or whatever as he's not worth keeping. So two guys, 1 in his first full NHL season and the other on likely his last contract make career years playing with a guy not worth keeping? I mean, has cole never played with anyone good before? He played with Staal and made less points. I don't understand the logic, either the entire line played over their heads and none of them are that good or DD may actually be a relatively good offensive player.

Now, offensive vs two-way. Sure, DD is no Plekanec, he's no bergeron or kesler but the guy is still an asset. He gets paid 850k per year. Now, capspace means nothing if you don't use it but...DD+Cole made 5.35 last year. Add in maxpac and they made 7 mil per year. We can go in circles about DD and the production of the team all we want but our entire first line made 7 mil last year and will do so again this year. If we're arguing about Plekanec's wingers, blame management, not DD. DD does not NEED to be moved. He's affordable and productive. The canadiens may have a duo max-DD(AHL together and they have chemistry) that may end up one of the best bargain duos in the league. Now, does it mean max and cole can't find a better center? For sure they can but we have an asset here that can compliment these two skilled wingers and allow our other dangerous players like Plekanec to be on other lines. Now, plekanec doesn't have as good of wingers as DD, sure, but gionta produces as much as cole. Bourque had good years, etc... Does it mean they are as good now? Maybe not. STILL, this isn't a reason to get rid of DD, it never will be. Management needs to use that bargain and use the additional cap to find a winger(s) to make OTHER dangerous lines.

Some will argue DD got soft minutes, easy minutes. He played with cole and max the majority of the time, did they get soft minutes too? Are they only benefiting because of eller's and plekanec's defensive responsibilities? Yes, but few would admit it. It goes both ways. This whole discussion is based on a fallacy as if DD is stopping the team from being competitive or something. He's adding to the success of the team, habs just don't have an established 2nd or 3rd line. We had AK, we had cammalleri and so on and we let them go. Now we have bourque and people have no confidence in him...fine but this does not make DD expendable, it makes the need for a legit top 6 winger a priority, that's all.

Again, we can go in circles all you or the others want but no one can tell me why DD shouldn't be on the team. He helped a line, maybe very little, maybe a lot, but we had a dangerous line and if he's a borderline NHLer(not saying u said that) and has so much chemistry that he passes as a top 6 center, even better no? What's the debate? Desharnais is not getzlaf, he's not giroux or malkin. Yeah, we all know. Some overrate him and that's wrong but he's an asset to this team. If they choose to mix the lines he'll still be an asset. If he's on 3rd line he's still an asset, even on 4th. Because he has vision for a PP, he has the ability to step into a top 6 center role in a pinch.

I want the guy to stay. I'm not prepared to give hm a 6 year extension but I sure as hell would give him a 2-3 year deal at the right price.

BTW, plekanec had a 'solid' 39 points after his 69 point year with the AKs. He started the year with both of them and they had to mix the lines as it wasn't getting done. So not sure what you're proving.

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