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Originally Posted by Bipolar View Post
The problem is:

NTC ok
NMC ok
NTC/NMC + condition ok
But, Dennis Seidenberg just has Limited NTC, not stating what the limitations are
There's a lot of those on capgeek. The other thing is some are quite specific (can list 8 teams player won't go to, or 12 teams they will go to, etc), while others say Limited, but give no info.

What I was getting at earlier is how are those teams determined.

RKY said it'll be discussed by the trade guys... however without having some idea before hand, it can make it hard to work out trades. Or you'll spend time and effort to work out a trade only to have the player say it was one of the 8 teams he won't go to. Depending on the player's list, there could be teams that would not be desirable, but were not on his list.

It would be great if someone (Kershaw?) could keep a list or something of what players have NTCs and what the conditions are.

Another suggestion would be to standardize the limited NTC/NMC where there's no info available. Say any contract that's limited NTC/NMC (but capgeek doesn't provide any info) is a 10 team no trade list, or something like that.

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