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08-16-2012, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by LeafsJacob8 View Post
It's all about playing the odds with neck gaurds. I know that I haven't or none of my teammates have been slashed in the neck where a neck gaurd would have been needed. Bascially all the neckgaurd is for is protection from slashes/skate blades. A neckgaurd is do very little to protect your neck from a puck. If you haven't seen how thin they are then you should check one out.

If you think it is a risk you will take then don't bother.
Pretty much. Neckguards are uncomfortable, and the accidents they do prevent are freakishly rare. Would you you make it a pain to get to your car in the morning by installing a system to defend your house from astroids?

You're talking about inconveinencing yourself to defend against an accident so vanishinly rare that you're most likley going to go for decades or an entire lifetime playing hockey without it happening to you anyone you know. Statistically, it just doen't happen. I probably have better odds of winning the lottery, and certainly have better odds of being struck by lightning sometime in my life. But I'm not gonna wear a hat with a lightning rod on it, am I?

Contrast that with a visor or cage, which one person compared it to. I wear a cage. I'd estimate I get dinged on it with a stick or a puck every three games or so. Maybe one in three of those might cause some damage. One in 100 of those might come towards my eye. The odds of something happening to my face are pretty high. The odds of something taking out an eye, while fairly low on a game to game basis, are on a human scale. If I don't protect myself, maybe I expect something to hurt my eye once a decade or so. So I protect myself. With a blade to the neck, the odds are such that I wouldn't expect it to ever happen to me within ten lifetimes of playing hockey. So I don't feel the need to deal with the discomfort.

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