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04-28-2006, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by martywest
I know that the Jofa 9400 shoulder pad became the RBK 7K shoulder pad. However, Reebok made a few improvements to the 9400 before they released it as the 7K, but I'm not too sure what those improvements were. My question is, what is a better pad for the money, the 7K for $80 new, or the 9400 for $40 clearance?
Go with the 9400's. If you can get that level of pad for $40, that's a sweet deal.

I've looked at the RBK's in a store and I really can't tell the difference. Maybe the improvements where adding the RBK logo.


I just looked at them again. I hadn't noticed the RBK's now have a exposed plastic shoulder and biceps protectors. The Jofa's have the covered plastic pieces.

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