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08-16-2012, 09:12 PM
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Some thoughts on negotiations. The owners and the players have to have the good of the league somewhere in their minds. But think of it from a player’s perspective. He’s been playing hockey for most of his life. He has given up a lot of the “fun” stuff that kids do. He gets drafted. He has a limited shelf life. During that time he would like to make enough money to keep him and his family reasonably comfortable for the rest of his life. Has he really been able to stick to the books and carve out his after hockey career? Probably not. The owners want him to serve an NHL apprenticeship. OK, but unless he is destined to be a super star his life is one big anxiety trip. And now they want to lengthen the apprenticeship. By the time he can make decent money his legs may be gone, he may have had a concussion or two. He wants that money sooner than later because there may not be a later. So the NHLPA has to play some hardball. It always eems to come down to who blinks first

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