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08-16-2012, 08:53 PM
Nalens Oga
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Large size hockey card template?

Can anyone make or know of a place where I can get a template for a printable hockey card which is the size of around a photo print size (I think 4"x6" is the standard). They don't have to have the same template, I actually like variation.

I like to get hockey cards to scrapbook each season but I'd love to make a few of my own for players who just retired to show the stats from their last seasons and total career (the ones which you buy usually just show the stats up to their 2nd last season). And considering a possible lockout, there might be a lot of guys who retire or stay in Europe like the last time.

I'm a big fan of something like this on the back:

or something like this where there's a bit of room for text:


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