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08-16-2012, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
With the goofy money thrown around this summer to average players, I have no idea how $4 mill is overpaying for what Wayne Simmonds brings, and his upside is still very high. This guy is a late bloomer, he is still learning and growing into hi frame, he is going to be a force for the life of that contract.

As for the trade. I supported it and still do, it can be argued from both sides, and Brayden Schenn will probably be the deciding factor on who "won" the trade, but Lombardi had no choice, he had to make the deal,there was no way the Kings could enter a 4th season with Stoll as 2nd line center, and waiting for Schenn was to much of a gamble. The Kings were wasting away prime years from Kopitar, Doughty, Johnson, Quick, Brown and Williams because they were unable to find a capable second line center to help out Kopitar in any of his first five years in the NHL. The trade was a no-brainer, even if Richards did struggle for most of the year, he atleast kept teams honest, something Stoll never did and something Schenn is years away from doing. (If he ever does)
I agree with your post in general, but the Kings already "won" the trade -- hands down. They won the Stanley Cup. There's not a guarantee they win the Cup in 2012 or any point in the future with Simmonds and Schenn.

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