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08-16-2012, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by CCF23 View Post
I picked Kesler and Booth. I'll list my reasons for picking or not picking each of the listed.

Kesler - I don't think he'll come back until he's ready this year and I feel like coming back early last year he never really got his confidence up. He was struggling because of coming back too early and got frustrated. We never really saw him get into a groove. I think he'll be much better prepared to come back this season when he's finally healthy.

Raymond - I don't feel like he'll ever score 25 goals or 50 points again. I feel like you can expect more of the same next year if he plays the full year...15 goals or so and 35 points. Don't think you'll see a "bounce back" to what he was 3 seasons ago.

Ballard - We have a very clear top 4 here now, so you'll never see big numbers out of Ballard. In terms of defensive play, I thought he was pretty good last year, so I expect more of the same and a stable pairing with Tanev.

Tanev - I already feel like he's a good defensive 3rd pairing guy. Don't think the numbers will take a bump so you won't be able to consider it a "breakout" season, but he'll compliment Ballard well to form a good third pairing.

Malhotra - Unfortunately, I think the eye injury did him in. He'll never be the same.

Kassian - Don't think he'll get the chance quite yet to have a breakout season. I think he'll be good, but his breakout season will be next year (20+ goals, 40+ points next year, not this year).

Booth - I believe if he stays healthy he's a 25-30 goal scorer here. He's streaky, but there will be times where he catches fire and scores 4 or 5 goals in a 3 or 4 game stretch. I think most will be pleasantly surprised with his production. 30 goals and 55 points.
Just to give the flip side, imo:

Kesler - A full time to recover and to be fully injury free for the 1st time in a while will make him hungry and able return to an-on pace for 40 goal season.

Raymond - I doubt he's truly lost his touch, as when he first came back he played fairly well before fading. It's not likely, but not completely impossible with a full offseason he can regain his endurance for the season.

Ballard- was misused, tried on his wrong side, etc, before finally setlling in with Tanev on the third pairing. Right now the only thig restricting him is minutes, but if the playoffs are anything to go by, he may have finally got his game together.

Tanev - Improved shot = better ability to capitalize on his good hockey sense.

Kassian- Because he would be the perfect fit for the 2nd line. Give him solid minutes with solid players(maybe with the Sedins while Kesler's out) to give him the experience and confidence to play a dominating game.

Malhotra- Most unlikely, imo, but perhaps with some vigorous training he can regain his form. Otherwise I think we should retire him and add him as a coach for taking playoffs(maybe give Henrik some pointers...)

Booth- Did a pretty decent job this year despite coming off a huge injury. I expect him to be a legit top-6 winger this season.

That said, I voted for Ballard, Kesler, Kassian, Booth.

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