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08-16-2012, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by ControlPuck View Post
Hasek would be a great back-up. Quick should be playing 65 games. During this time, Hasek is a good role model, as he has been there, and done that. He is capable of coming in half-way through a game, and saving a game. He can also start. Even though he is old, he is not a "skater". He isnt using as much exertion, he isnt being hit, and playing on a defensive team like LA, it wouldn't be as hard. And yes, Jones would be getting time, maybe 3-5 games, but not lots. And he would come west to be a back-up because I don't know of him getting any other offers. At least gie him a try-out.
He was pretty damn bad behind a very very very good Red Wings team in 08 at 43 years old (.902 svp), how the hell would he be useful at FORTY SEVEN years old? He is well well well beyond any NHL usefulness.

Originally Posted by ControlPuck View Post
Yes, I want Gagne to play with the Kings, but you cant break up Penner-Richards-Carter line. There are other players that are deserving of ice time, and we know the Kings have an excess of forwards. You cant stick him on the fourth line, and King, and Lewis should be getting time on the 3rd line.
Penner has consistently shown a lack of desire over long stretchs (ie a whole season). Why not have someone to push him.

Not too mention the Kings roll 4 what difference does it make to King whether he plays with Stoll - Lewis or Fraser - Nolan? Having that kind of depth (and yes Gagne can play fourth line, why not?) is a huge plus, not need to give that away. Gives the Kings a huge amount of options in the bottom 6, that is awesome.

Originally Posted by ControlPuck View Post
As for 7th defenseman, Hickey and Muzzin can stay in Manchester, but for gameday injury, we should be using Drewiske. They are both ready, but we should keep them on the ice.
No they can't. Hickey WILL NOT clear waivers. Hickey will not be in the AHL this season. Muzzin will probably clear waivers, but he has nothing left to learn there. It will not help either one playing at a lower level any longer, both are beyond that level. We will likely lose one to waivers this year, try to get both down and it is possible we lose BOTH to waivers. The 7th D man has to be one of Hickey/Muzzin, IMO. It will also keep Martinez/Voynov honest in a way Drewiske never can.

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