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08-16-2012, 11:14 PM
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Again, I must correct friend walker33.

Mr. Bacon is an alumnus of the GMHL. His path to his signing with Mercyhurst took him through the GMHL to get to Pickering. In fact, as you seem to want to push the issue, I have no reason to believe that his stint in the GMHL, leading him to Pickering, wasn't crucial to his development. And neither do you.

And, with respect to Hockey Canada, their endorsement, of lack thereof, has no bearing on the GMHL's quality or legitimacy. Hockey Canada is irrelevant. What is relevant is the experience the players have in the League and what is legitimate is the interest that NCAA colleges and universities and solid professional teams on both sides of the Atlantic are showing in the quality of GMHL players.

I understand that Hockey Canada is not pleased by the fact that it is irrelevant. But, as all Hockey Canada has to offer the GMHL is its "blessing", I think the GMHL is doing quite nicely without Hockey Canada. In fact, I would encourage other leagues to follow in the GMHL's footsteps. Hockey Canada is a governing body, not an organization designed to help or assist players, but rather to regulate their opportunities.

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