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Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
Didn't really feel like doing work so today I went through a bunch of scouting service rankings and I would like to know which of these lists would you have rather drafted:

2004 - 26 - Schneider-- Bolland----- Bolland----- Graham----- Bolland---- Green
2005 - 10 - Bourdon---- Kopitar ---- M. Staal----- Kopitar----- Kopitar---- Skille
2006 - 14 - Grabner---- Sanguinetti- C. Stewart-- Vasyunov--- C. Stewart- Williams
2007 - 25 - White------ Petrecki ----- Perron------ Mayorov---- Perron----- Katic
2008 - 10 - Hodgson--- Hodgson----- Hodgson--- Hodgson---- Myers------ Petrov
2009 - 22 - Schroeder-- Schroeder--- Schroeder-- Schroeder-- Schroeder-- Schroeder
2010 - NA - Ballard----- Etem--------- Merrill------ Merrill------ Kuznetsov- Merrill
2011 - 29 - Jensen------ Saad--------- Saad------ Grimaldi----- Rattie------ Khokhlachev
2012 - 26 - Gaunce----- Gaunce------- Gaunce---- Gaunce----- Gaunce---- Finn
Here's who the lists were:

1 = Canucks
2 = TSN's pre-draft list
3 = TSN's pre-draft list but used FW when we picked FW or D when we picked D (BPA instead of goalies)
4 = International Scouting Services (ISS)
5 = Central Scouting Bureau (CSB) (they seperate NA from Euro, so I went with whover was picked 1st in real life to break ties)
6 = Redline Report (from NY Times, note they seperate FW from D so I went with whoever was picked first in real life to break ties) - I think Red Line actually compiles a sigle list but it wasn't available to me.

Originally Posted by Wisp View Post
It always perplexes me why do people do this to themselves. Not saying its a waste of time... redrafts are always interesting... just, a lot of people agonize over this what-if stuff.
For me its about evaluation. All lists were either free services or avaialble for under $50 and were available pre-draft. I didn't change the lists or avoid busts at all or use a mechanism based on anything post-draft. I don't like re-drafts that use hindsight because its an unfair comparison.

I'd actually rank the Canucks second last or last with Red Line Report with ISS being close. For Red Line its about Green + Skille <> Schneider + Bourdon + Grabner which I'm inclined to give to the Canucks (giving credit for Bourdon as a hit) but for ISS IMO Kopitar > Bourdon + Schneider + Grabner. I can see that going the other way for some people but IMO not having Kopitar is the difference between us having a Cup ring right now and not. The sad part is, none of the other lists are even close and blow the Canucks out of the water.

I find it more fun than torture to think about the what-ifs though, if we had just used the free CSB list available to all teams (#5):

Sedin - Sedin - C. Stewart
Kopitar - Kesler - Perron
Burrows - Bolland - Hansen
Higgins - Lapiere - Raymond
(with Kassian/Hodgson, Schroeder, Kuznetsov, Rattie, and Gaunce up and coming)

Hamhuis - Myers
Edler - Bieksa
Garrison - Tanev


That being said, it's almost like Gillis is picking based on TSN's list. He has matched TSN 3 of 4 years we've had firsts with him as GM and Jensen was next on the list after Saad on TSN's 2011 list the one year he didn't match.

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