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Originally Posted by Reaper1097 View Post
I cannot stand Panotchio. I think he is by far the worst flyers bear writer and everytime I see him talk on tv or radio it makes my skin crawl. He constantly has an agenda and/or opinion and has to make sure everyone knows it by slanting every article he writes or interview he gives, even without someone asking for it. If someone asks "in your opinion what will the flyers do next" then he has every right to give his opinion. Other than that he should be the conduit between the team and us, the fans. He should report only the facts and any inside information he is privileged to and that is it. God he makes me mad.

When the flyers were rumored to be going after bobby ryan, Panotchio should have just reported it to us all instead of constantly telling anyone who will listen that HE thinks it is a bad idea. It doesnt matter what HE thinks. It could have been a bad idea but that isnt for him to tell us and it feels like if the flyers did acquire bobby ryan Panotchio would already have the "I told ya so" article written and just itching to release if and when everything went bad for the team.

I would take Randy Miller anyday over Panotchio and he is a friggin Penguins fan...
I don't read Tim P. anymore, ever, but I do watch the interviews with Homer/Lavy/Players on FlyersTV and the way he phrases his questions makes me want to punch him. They are always phrased giving his opinion in a manner that seeks conformation or he has built in criticism.

EDIT. I just started the Simmonds interview on FlyersTV and sure enough Tim P. builds his view into the first question. What a dick.

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