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08-17-2012, 07:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Bunk Moreland View Post
Do I think it will work, probably not but what the hell do i know haha.
Slauson at LG is mediocre. The strong side of the line is terrible. Hunter outright stinks, Moore is caught up helping Hunter, and they don't have a complete tight-end to help out.

All last year, you could guess whether the Jets would pass or run based on personnel. And if Keller was in the game, you'd pretty much know that if they ran, they'd run away from wherever he was. (That's why they passed so much late in the year - they couldn't run well with Keller in the game, and they were too predictable with him out of the game). Moreover, if anyone on the line gets injured (especially 'Brick or Nick) it's going to be a total debacle.

They've got one running back who can run the ball but can't catch it (Green) and another who can catch it but can't run it (McKnight). They've got one wide receiver who can catch but won't block (Holmes), and another wide receiver who can block but hasn't caught an NFL pass (Hill). The offense is a complete bunch of spare parts. There isn't a single skill position player on the Jets offense that is better than any skill position player on the Giants offense. There's no Ahmad Bradshaw, a player who can literally do *anything* on the field a skill position player needs to do. And this year without Tomlinson, who could at least approximate that, is going to be that much worse than last year.

Basically, it's going to be smoke and mirrors. I think Tebow will eventually get the majority of the snaps by around week 4. The Jets match up *terribly* against the 49'ers D. It could be a total bloodbath. I'm not confident Sanchez survives it in one piece.



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