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08-17-2012, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by KyleBailey12 View Post
Giants fan here hoping for a blue repeat, but I'm curious how Jets fans on the board feel about the Tebow/Sanchez drama.
I don't think it will work. If you think about all the powerhouses and super bowl winners in recent years, they each have one quarterback. Most of them you don't even know who the heck the backup is because they never play. The position needs a curve in each game let alone in a season. My problem is that while I don't have full confidence in Sanchez and I don't think he can be an elite quarterback, it's a bit of a slight to him to pull a move like this. Competition is good, but the amount of boos and jeers he's going to get if he doesn't score a TD on his first drive is going to be ridiculous. It's his 4th year and a lot of quarterbacks start hitting their stride during that year. I think it would be fair to give him all the snaps for at least 5-8 games. If he's terrible, then bench him. Switching between quarterbacks mid-game off and on just won't work.

As a Jets fan, I am not optimistic for the season.

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