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12-03-2003, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Scorpion88
Butcher's Quote - October 24, 2003
"Horcoff is not capable of carrying a line his plus minus has more to do with his line mates than his own play, if its still negative in 20-30 games come back and complain about him."

Butcher's Quote - November 4, 2003
"I was hoping you would not mention that maybe I should go hide under a rock. Well its still not 20-30games yet so shut up!! . K when Horc actually plays 25 lets see what his plus-minus is. so just shush it for now"


Look at who currently sits in 729th place in the league with a fantastic MINUS 10 rating. Am I allowed to complain about him yet?
Man I can't believe your making me waste my 1,000 post on this . All hail "the Mighty Scorpion88" he is surely a god among men his judgement and profound wisdom are unassailable. I would be wise to submit to his will in all present and future matters of hockey discussion and more importantly you were RIGHT and I was WRONG.

Now in all honesty don't you believe his poor play early on was atleast partially injury related(*cough* *cough* Comrie thumb)? Our lack of center depth forced us to play him in a weakened state, he has been playing noticably better of late and don't hear the words "Clearcoff" blurted out half as often. His plus-minus is no longer tumbling out of control but has stabilized and will hopefully rescind back to the positive numbers we are generally accustomed to from him. Now I have a question for you when will the beloved "super-star prospect" + "future of the franchise" + "golden child"= Hemsky (2nd worst plus-minus on the team) get back on the black side of the ledger?

Of course I like Hemsky a lot but when he's at -8 and Modano is at an ungodly -14 you have to realize some people just go into slumps, if players of those two's calibre can have one, can you really harp on lowly old Horcoff for something that every player will experience through some point in their career. Horcoff just ran into his first(which was injury related) but for the most part I'd say their is little reason to not believe he will be a steady two-way 3rd-4th liner for the majority of his career.

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