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(Real) Name: Will
Age: 18
Age you act: 18?
Sex: M
Birthplace: Newcastle (Near enough), England
Where you live: Newcastle (Near enough), England
Distinguishing Physical Characteristic: Massive beak
Nationality: British
Mode of Transportation: Bus or walk, though learning to drive
Job: Admin Apprentice
College Attended/Attending:

How you became a Penguins fan: My favourite animal is a penguin
Favorite Penguins Player: Malkin
Favorite Penguins prospect: Despres
Favorite NON Penguins Player: Iginla
Favorite piece of Penguins paraphernalia (souvenir): Stanley Cup 2009 Poster
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: Crosby Home, Plain home 2003-2007

Video Game Systems Owned: Xbox
Favorite Game(s): Football Manager, NHL, FIFA, Half Life Series
Music/Bands You Like: Too much
Favorite Movie(s): 28 Days/Weeks Later, Children of Men, Dawn of the Dead, The Day After Tomorrow
Favorite TV Show: Don't watch TV
Favorite Food: Pizza (Italian style), scampi and chips
Most Interesting/Unusual Person/Entity You Follow on Twitter: Malkin, without a doubt.

Anything Else: Living here is poo for hockey.

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