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08-17-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by New York RKY View Post
And I disagree as well.

You want to reward the teams that build a talented roster. And it's been shown that even the most talented teams (Pittsburgh) sometimes lose to the "weaker" teams (Toronto).

I understand the realism aspect of it but I just thing it's fair to have risk play that much of a possibility. I know that's what it's like in real life but I'm not sure here.

But I told OB to post it because if enough people want it one way or another then I'll probably
adopt that policy. If most are indifferent then it'd probably stay status quo with no injuries.
Not to mention what a pain in the rear that would be for you. If we are simming one week at a time for this season, if there is one injury, line changes have to be made immediately before simming could continue. It would be impossible to do the sim a week at a time with the injuries on.

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