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08-17-2012, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Roy View Post
It's a forum for discussions and he (or any other person) can disagree with my opinion. I respect other opinions and I expect the same when it comes to me. So, nothing against his father but I will say what I have to say about him (no personnal attack, hockey related only).

DeLuca was honestly a lot better yesterday than he was on Wednesday. I don't expect him to be a dominant player this year but the talent is definitely there.

I didn't like his work ethic on Wednesday. He was floating around in the defensive zone and he was REALLY selfish with the puck. He did score on a nice one-timer but it was about it. I didn't like the may he yelled to always get the puck.

Apparently, the coaching staff saw the same thing since he was a different player yesterday. I wasn't impressed with his passing skills at first but after a couple shifts, he was a lot better. He has to learn to be a team player and that's exactly what I saw from him yesterday. Not sold on him yet.

Gravel was really impressive yesterday. He'll likely be the PP QB and I expect a great season from him as soon as this year. He should have a great career in the Q.

Gauthier was great on Wednesday but he was less active yesterday (but the same could be said about the entire blue team). He already has chemistry with Trainor and Oke. It's incredible to see how big the kid already is.

Morin will be an important part of the defensive group. He'll likely eat a lot of minutes and he is already a very solid stay-at-home defenseman. However, he has very little offensive instincts from what I saw so far.

I didn't see enough of Boudreau and Kostalek so I will wait before making any comment.

One thing is for sure, the future is bright in Rimouski and I can't wait for the first pre-season game tonight against Quebec.
Fair enough, just letting you know.

DeLuca's a project, he's got to use his teammates better and learn to stop getting by on talent.

Rimouski should be very powerful next year, and maybe this years Halifax.

How did Desrosiers look ?

Id appreaciate a Boudreau update, he played great in Jonquiere last year.

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