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08-17-2012, 10:29 AM
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Nope centre takes faceoffs, if he gets thrown out of the faceoff for whatever reason then there's usually a predetermined guy to take the faceoff. Don't think this would happen often though.

As for faceoffs generally just stand at your hash mark of the faceoff dot on the left or right of your centreman depending on your position. At the faceoff there are hash marks on the side that you can put a foot either side of the line.

Depending on the level you'll probably just line up in the normal setup....

However if your team wants to use more tactics there are different ways to lineup.
In the neutral zone you generally line up as above.

In either end zone you can have a look at this for a general idea:

Blue guys are obviously defending zone and green attacking.
So you can see the defending LW is standing behind the LD on the circle.
This is so the D can take the wing from going to the net and the LW can go straight up and mark the attacking RD.

The defending RW would go around the attacking LW and mark the attacking LD.
C takes C.
Defending RD takes attacking LW.

This is one of several ways to set up on zone faceoffs so ask your captain/coach how they run faceoffs and they should be able to walk you through it.

Hope it helps.

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