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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
The only thing I was ever with the players about was base pay. Last lockout the players won a major concession when minimum pay became a little over 500k a year. The only true injustice was guys playing all season for high end ahl pay. The fact that the worst player in the league makes half a mill eliminates my only player concern. Now if you spend one year at the top you can have a home for your family, something to show for your career. These guys make good money playing a kids game. I could give two poops about anyone making over a million. I could care less about their "rights". You're getting paid well, every single one of you. If the owners want to keep the upper half from making too much I'm fine with it.
If you suffer physically from a "game" that millionaires make more millions, does that change things? What if you suffer to the extent that it causes you to commit suicide? I'm just not so sure about this simplified characterization of their involvement in professional hockey.

If the Carolina Hurricanes ice a team full of Patrick Dwyers, how many will pay to see that? How much more excited does the fanbase become about buying tickets to see Jordan Staal and Alex Semin join the team? That directly translates into the team getting more revenue. Those top-end players don't deserve a piece of that? "If you build it, they will come" only gets you so far...they can always find another place to play, and that's where the fans will go.

There's no right simply make adjustments to get it to the point where it works for everyone. However, seems like NHL owners never want to make "adjustments"...they always want to set fire to the current CBA, even one that they themselves were successful in getting put into place.

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