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08-17-2012, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by bruinsden View Post
Hey guys, heading to Ottawa with my girlfriend on Thursday till Sunday, and staying at her friends house. I am very excited. I skimmed through the thread and got a lot of great ideas. I can't wait to get to the Casino over the river, and I am a duckpin bowler in Rhode Island, and a lot of 5pin bowlers come down and bowl our pro tour so I am checking out a 5pin alley for sure.

She has been before, so I'm sure she has a general idea of what we plan on doing, but is there anything a hockey fan must do in Ottawa?

Also, how are people around there to American tourists? I will do my best to not be the stereotypical American, but sometimes it is tough lol. I will obviously be extremely respectful, but my girlfriend had mentioned something about when we head over to the Casino and that whole area that are not to keen on people who can not speak French.

Thanks, Chris.
You have to try to skate on the canal. However, if you plan on doing this on your current trip, make sure you bring floaties.

Seriously, Ottawa is generally one of the nicest cities you could be in (at least that's my impression). It's very clean, and whenever I'm downtown I say hi when passing people on the streets. You're not judged because you're American. My stereotypically Texan family visited and they were treated fine, even after making comments like "Why is your White House so old looking?".

That being said, there still is the slight risk that someone would judge you for not speaking French, but most people don't care, especially if you're right near the city. That kind of stuff doesn't happen generally until you hit [insert Quebec City or small Quebec town here]. Have fun! Maybe someone else here can answer any other questions you have. If you're genuinely a nice person, I guarantee you have no problems whatsoever here.

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