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[QUOTE=Huffer;53648873]How is it circular? The point is the owners only provide these perks because the owner down the street does. It only takes 1 owner to start giving their players flavored water before the next one decides to give their players flavored water AND gummy bears.

And I don't necessarily see how having the owners pay all of these perks somehow benefits the business. Each owner is doing it because he has to. Because another owner is doing it. So it's only a benefit because each owner needs to do it to maintain competitive. It's like a cold war for player perks.
You kind of asked a question, then answered the question a few sentences later. They need to remain competitive. That benefits the business. That's how business works.

That's the point on this one. The owners are only paying for all of these perks because they have to. Remove the need for all the owners to "keep up with the Jones's", and see what happens.
I don't see how this could happen. The CBA is also very strict on what perks they can get. That's why not a single jet bought a car from a Chipman owned dealership.

The CBA is the only mechanism that owners can use to try to create a system that allows them to make money.
What about selling more tickets? Or at higher prices? Increasing revenue? Some are blessed with a good market, and then it boils down to the owners and management. Look at the NJD and NYI vs. SJS. For 2010-2011 the SJS made almost as much in ticket sales as the NJD and NYI combined. This is a non-traditional market vs. a more traditional hockey market.

One thing I wouldn't mind being changed is the offer sheets to RFA's. I've never understood this. Basically it punishes lower ranking teams, do you think a team like CBJ or EDM want to make offer sheets? Their 1st round picks are much more valuable than the kings, philly, etc.. so essentially offer sheets are only a tool the most successful teams will use.

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