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08-17-2012, 12:30 PM
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I've scouted in the OHL. I personally know that all OHL scouts are told not to go to this league, do to the political climate that is involved. I don't know to many NCAA D1 guys that are there either. Most D3 commits happen without much live viewings, simply see a player on a summer team and sign him up.

I get that you have been involved in the league 'Hockeypop', however I think that those with an unbiased eye look at the history of the league, the lack of stability, the money that is charged and the lack of significant success, ask themselves, whats the point? Midget produce just as much, if not more talent to the same level of school that this 'Jr A' loop produces.

I have been to games in the past, as favours to friends who had kids in the league, and I have to say that the skill level just not there. Im surprised that anyone would think that anyone who was not involved in the league would think that they could compete in the top Jr A leagues in the Country. I do believe that Desoronto transferred to Jr C this year, which is probably the truly level of play.
3 parents of those players ended up loosing $1,000s because of money payed but services not rendered. They purchased a spot on a team, but where not rostered. Owners did not return calls, but kept the money.

As Walker stated, a lot of the 'Alumni' played very limited times (one player played 3 games to my knowledge), while others simply didn't go to the college that where claimed. Between that and calling itself 'JrA', I just feel that its not the most honest league to deal with. I can call myself scout of NHL level quality, but that doesn't make it so (its not).

To anyone who is considering being involved with this league, do your research. I think once you do, you'll change you mind. I know in the past 4-5 players when to Midget, payed 1/4th of the costs and still got a College commitment. One 96 that I know recently backed out of the GMHL based on some of the research his father (who is a lawyer) did. He is headed to Midget this year, and has been contacted by a D1 school based on his play on a travel summer team.

Now, If you would like to invite me down to a game HockeyPop and we can count the CHL/NCAA scouts in attendance together, I'd love to do so. Shoot me a DM and we can arrange, but I think I already know the number of scouts in attendance.

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