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08-17-2012, 02:19 PM
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I think the only winner here is Toronto. Toronto gives up a good prospect, sure, but they are not making the playoffs next season with Reimer as their starter. Think about how much Toronto would have to give up if they just went straight for Lu.

Vancouver does not need an offensive d-man. They have 4 d-men going into next season who got at least 33 points, and Edler and Bieksa were both on pace for the same amount of points as Boyle, are younger, and significantly cheaper.

That being said, San Jose's defense wasn't nearly as offensive as the Canucks Defense and would be losing a significant piece.

I feel like Vancouver could get a piece for Luongo that helps them more than adding another offensive dman from another team. I also feel like San Jose should only move Boyle if they decide on a rebuild, and start offloading other big pieces. They have the big pieces to acquire a ton of young talent. I think San Jose could have a shot at the cup still in the next 2 years though, unlike a team such as Calgary.

Toronto fans, if you want to make the playoffs, you need to pick up a legitimate starter, so either trade for Lu, or if this deal were to happen, Neimi. Bernier is still unproven, and do you need to try another unproven goalie? NO!

I think that is Burkes biggest weakness as a gm. He undervalues goaltending. I mean, the Canucks had a stud team when he was their gm, and he wouldnt acquire a goalie to replace Cloutier.

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