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08-17-2012, 01:30 PM
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I've unliked the Canadiens on fb, maybe it's not much but atleast I can say I tried. Sick of the fans being put last when we are the ones who make the NHL (and any other pro. league) function. If the owners didnt want these big contracts why would they allow them in the 1st place? I really, REALLY want to watch my Habs this season but I agree that we need to boycott. Best thing would be to not go to any games, especially in the big markets such as Mtl, T.O., NYR etc... Imagine a Habs/Leafs game with the stands empty? Ticket prices are ludicrous yet people keep going. Bottom line, I hope their's hockey but wether there is or not we should really unite and do something about being ''forgotten'' by the league (players and owners alike).

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