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Originally Posted by jaster View Post
You don't see a level of bias involved there? It's his own player. He's talking him up, as Babcock often does with his players. If Babcock coached LA, he'd say the same about Stoll, and wouldn't mention Helm. Find me a quote from LA coaches/management saying Helm is the best 3rd line center in the game and I'll grant your appeal to authority some validity
You know it's perfect plausible that he just truly believes it. Not everything should be a witch hunt for bias or favortism. It's not like Babs hasn't talked up players on other teams and ripped our own. What exactly makes Stoll better? Point totals? The guy plays on the PP, that's not 3rd line, that's the PP. Straight up third line, you can shut down Stoll with some work. Helm is a nightmare to play against. The Stoll love here just reeks of reputation and greener grass syndrome. I'd take Stoll if we were discussing who is better in the top six, but this obviously is about third line center and I'm not sending out third liners to score, I'm sending them out to cause havoc and make life tough for opposing players. Just ask Ed Jovonovski about that.

I'm too lazy to look but didn't Stoll take 30 or 35 penalties to Helm's 6? And not even outscore him? Goals or points? IIRC. And that's with PP time and none for Helm.

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