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Originally Posted by GentlemanMasher View Post
You know it's perfect plausible that he just truly believes it. Not everything should be a witch hunt for bias or favortism.
Yes, of course he could believe it. But he's still biased. And that's not a witch hunt in any sense. He's the Wings coach. He's biased by default. But again, even if we lend credence to his supposed opinion, with biased removed, who else in the hockey world has said Helm is the best 3rd line center in the game? If we are going to appeal to authority, let's not cherry-pick.

What exactly makes Stoll better? Point totals? The guy plays on the PP, that's not 3rd line, that's the PP. Straight up third line, you can shut down Stoll with some work. Helm is a nightmare to play against.
Stoll is better offensively, defensively, is more physical, blocks more shots, and is better in the circle. Altogether, that trumps Helm's advantages in speed and forechecking, imo. And it makes Stoll the better 3rd-liner.

The Stoll love here just reeks of reputation and greener grass syndrome.
This is a red herring. I can just as easily say that the Helm love here reeks of rose-tinted glasses and homerism. But that would also be a red herring.

The bottom line is that this comparison is subjective, and there will be different opinions based on people making different valuations. For me, Stoll is the more complete player, and a more prototypical 3rd-liner. Helm's style/makeup is more that of a 4th-liner, though he is obviously too good to be on the 4th-line. So he's an out-of-place 3rd-liner, albeit a very good one.

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