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(Real) Name: John
Age: 21
Age you act: I'm not much of an actor, sorry
Sex: ?
Birthplace: Earth (I think)
Distinguishing Physical Characteristic: Being 6'6" tall
Nationality: Czech, among others
Mode of Transportation: An automobile
College Attended/Attending: Villanova University

How you became a Penguins fan: Dad has had season tickets for almost 30 years, so he got me into them, and now I'm way too emotionally invested in this team (and loving every second of it)
Favorite Penguins Player: Kunitz
Favorite Penguins prospect: Morrow
Favorite NON Penguins Player: They all stink
Favorite piece of Penguins paraphernalia (souvenir): My X-generation t shirt!!!!!! (God, those teams were terrible)
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: '08 Staal WC (Time for a new one!!!)

Video Game Systems Owned: Xbox
Favorite Game(s): NHL, Elder Scrolls games
Music/Bands You Like: Atmosphere
Favorite TV Show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Office, HIMYM
Favorite Food: If it's bad for your overall health, I probably like it

Anything Else: I'm currently wanted in 32 of the 50 states for a variety of malicious offenses...and I love puppies

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