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08-17-2012, 03:12 PM
Bunk Moreland
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Donald Fehr held a conference call today nothing really groundbreaking was said but here are some tweets summing it up for you guys:

Multiple Jesse Spector tweets in one quote:

Don Fehr, on conference call, says he hasn't spoken to Gary Bettman since Wednesday, but expects to over the weekend.. Fehr: Players' proposal calls for $100M a year to "Industry Growth Fund" to help teams in distress.. Don Fehr's reply to reporters question on whether he is receiving pressure from players worried about missing games: "No." Fehr calls non-financial discussions "workmanlike ... which you absolutely have to have." Fehr irritated with question about NFL/NBA being closer to 50/50 than 57%. Says revenue is not calculated the same way "even remotely." Fehr talks about baseball's lack of cap, rising franchise values and long-term labor stability as counter to comparison to NBA/NFL. Fehr: "I wish I knew the answer" on lockout. If one happens, it's "something (the owners) chose to do." Fehr: Reason we have a salary cap is, and owners agree, salary cap pays players less than free market would. Don Fehr: "There are no caps on what a GM gets paid, coaches, ticket prices. The only place where there's a cap is on the players."
Aaron Ward:

On NHLPA conference call, Don Fehr uses term "gulf between us" to describe where they are after both sides have offered proposals. #TSN Bottom line is NHL wants response to their proposal,NHLPA feels their proposal is proactive,addresses problems as they see it. #stalemate

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