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Originally Posted by icing View Post
Then suit up. Don't whine about international tournaments and rankings if you have a system that don't give a ******* about it. If you want to be number 1 year after year you either win the tournaments or you make sure that your system adjust to international hockey. Otherwise, stop whining.

The "system" is every country plays with their best players and loses maybe one or two to the NHL, while canada has the talent to beat every body hands down year in and year out, but loses a ton each year. 2010. No john tavares, michael delzotto, matt duchene, evander kane, tyler myers, steven stamkos.

Same thing in 2011, same thing last year...same thing every year, and I know we still own the thing, but 3 years in a row our country's been heartbroken, and undeserving of it. We are the best and we are not being allowed to show that we are the best because of scheduling procedures and changing of OUR GAME by an organization that is run by europeans.

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