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I'm going to address myself to some pf the points raised by Tigers1992.

To pick an easy one, according to the "Players" information on the GMHL website, Clint Windsor played for for Innisfil in the GMHL in the 2009-2010 season, during which time he played 806 minutes in 15 games, going 11-4, with a 4.02 GAA and a .891 save percentage. He was 18 years old and was 6' 2", tipping the scales at 210 pounds. These stats indicate that he played much (about half) of the 42 game season, as I doubt that he played 15 consecutive games.

What Tigers (for short) says about honesty is, to some extent, true. The organization in Deseronto has, in my experience, been, for the last several years, uhhhh...shifty. While I know of no financial irregularities there personally, I am not surprised at the reports Tigers gives AND I would tend to accept the validity of them, not because I know Tigers (though I don't for a second doubt his honesty), but because financial irregularities seem characteristic of the Deseronto organization as I have seen them operate. There have been some good hockey players at Deseronto over the last few years. But, their ownership/administration has been in and out of disrepute throughout the four years in which I have been aware of the League. I am not aware of anyone who shed tears when Deseronto announced that it was moving out of the League and down to the "C" level.
Aside from Deseronto, I can't think of a team that is in or has been in the League in the last four years that I would consider to be dishonest. As I said in an earlier post, my view of the League has been almost exclusively limited to the top 3-5 teams in the League. Among those teams, sure, I've seen a couple of "slick" trades perhaps, though the players involved always agreed to them, which is a League rule. And, anyone who has been around hockey for a while knows that a coach's commitment on playing time, while probably honestly given, is always subject to re-interpretation at the coach's convenience later.

With respect to OHL scouts scouting the GMHL, or rather NOT scouting the GMHL, the majority of GMHL players are not realistic pro prospects, but many of them DO have a legitimate shot at an NCAA deal. They would lose that opportunity if they played in the OHL, so, for that reason alone, the GMHL would not be particularly fertile ground for the OHL to scout. What Tigers is suggesting, it sounds like, is that OHL scouts are being told not to scout the GMHL by their teams at the behest of Hockey Canada. Pursuant to what I opined in an earlier post, to the GMHL, Hockey Canada is irrelevant. And this is another demonstration that Hockey Canada is more interested in being a governing body than it is in expanding opportunities for young hockey players. What Hockey Canada tried to do to the citizens of Shelburne, Ontario, as a result of their support of the GMHL's "ALL-Russian" team in Shelburne a season or two ago should make all right-thinking Canadians ashamed to be Canadians. This is a well-known factual story which shows Hockey Canada to be nothing more that I described...interested in being a governing body first, foremost, and always, and the players be damned.

I DO agree with Tigers on the issue of "fluffing things up". I think that, as a seven year old league, the GMHL needs to continue to build name recognition in connection with good hockey, it needs to show that GMHL players can go on to play elsewhere and at higher levels, and a number of other things. As they haven't had a player yet go straight from the League to an NHL roster (but when did the NOJHL last send a kid straight to an NHL roster?) they count their victories where they find 'em. If you keep adding up your small victories, pretty soon the victories will become larger and larger. Do I REALLY see that Clint Windsor, who played a partial season several years ago in the GMHL and is NOW considered a prospect, is a guy that the GMHL should make a banner headline out of? No. he IS an alumnus and should be on a list of such. But making him front page GMHL news is "fluffing things up" and on that sort of thing I agree with Tigers.

And, in closing for now, I must still maintain what I said in an earlier post. For a young player with appropriate talent, determination, discipline, and work ethic, with Bob Bernstein now heading up player placement at the League level, the GMHL is moving players directly into both NCAA deals and solid pro contracts on both sides of the Atlantic with teams/leagues that are direct paths to the top levels of international hockey, including the NHL. I think more announcements will be coming by summer's end.

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