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Originally Posted by namttebeid View Post
Hello Bruins fans. Over on the Leafs board we have a Poll going right now asking which trade with the Bruins we would undo. The options were the Rask for Raycroft trade or Kessel for the future of the orginization trade. (guess where I stand) We weren't even given the Kaberle option because it isn't nearly as polarizing from a Leafs standpoint. Likewise, I won't even include the Rask trade on this poll as I highly doubt anyone here missed the Rayzor.

So which one would you undo:

Kaberle for Colborne, Biggs and essentially John Michael Lilles


Seguin, Hamilton and Knight for Kessel
I wouldn't undo either, but if I was forced to pick one, it would be the Kaberle deal. FYI Biggs was not acquired from the Bruins, he was acquired for the Bruins 1st and another pick.

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