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08-17-2012, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
You're only looking at one side of the coin. If there were playing a rec league game, yea they would probably keep playing. These guys are not only human beings, they're also multi-million dollar investments. Investments that need to be watched over carefully to help extend their careers as long as possible.
that's the pathetic part. they're treated as if they're precious babies. these are men, or they're supposed to be.

they're more interested in being "careful to extend their career" than they are in getting back onto the field and helping their team win.

hockey players are also multi-million dollar investments, but i don't think we'll see randy carlyle jumping over the boards to run onto the ice and hold a guy's hand next time a leaf goes down on the ice.

in hockey, and other sports, you are expected to play through some discomfort and pain. and they all do. in baseball, nobody does that. any slight discomfort you're expected to sit down, and you're babied and coddled as if you're a delicate flower.

bautista should get out there and play. same with lawrie. tender rib cage....pathetic.

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