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Originally Posted by jazz4all View Post
hi! i have low arch on both feet, but my right arch is flatter. Currently using one75 (7.5EE) for ice and alkali (7.5) for inline. My problems are:

1. alkali CA7 which is supposed to be med-high volume, in fact is low-med volume and more suitable for people with D width i believe (not also for EE width like advertised) .

After baked twice, its still hurts on the side of my feet even though im not laced it tight. And the biggest problem, its too soft even for mid-high end skates (as soft as 4k rbk). So im thinking of converting ice boots to inline.

2. i'm looking for a skates with a flatter arch but still have similar width and volume like supreme. Due to my tight budget, im interested with EQ40 and rbk line, but don't have any idea about its fit (no LHS here).

So, will EQ40 or Rbk fit me well (wide mid-forefoot, narrow heel, low arches)?
You tell me, they're about as far apart as you can get.

No skates have arches specifically built in, it might come as a result of the fit, but it's not a specific characteristic as width or depth.

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