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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Exactly. People outside Van City hate this current team for some reason. Back then everyone loved Bertuzzi, Morrison, Naslund, Linden
I think it had to do with perspective and expectations.
1996-1997 no playoffs
1997-1998 no playoffs
1998-1999 no playoffs
1999-2000 no playoffs
2000-2001 swept in first round by Avalanche
2001-2002 lost in 6 to Detroit
2002-2003 beat St Louis in 7, lose to Wild in 7
2003-2004 lost to Calgary in 7
2004-2005 lockout
2005-2006 miss playoffs

Take a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 4 years, and then make the playoffs for 4 straight years and even win one round, that's relatively successful when compared to the era that proceeded it. They had decent regular season scoring stats, but the best era in Canucks history though? Not by a long shot.

Gonna say West Coast Express

- The Canucks were ranked as one of the most exciting teams back then and not the most hated

- I truly think if we didn't cave against Minnesota in '03 we would have won the cup

- Also, I was younger and was more into the Canucks then than I am now, such an exciting time for me personally
Even if they got past the Wild, they would have run into Giguere in the conference finals. The Canucks forwards were pulling a disappearing act against a defensive team in the Wild. The Ducks were even better at playing that style. I think the Ducks would have capitalized on the Canucks mistakes and weak goaltending and would have taken the conference final in 4 to 5 games.

2006-2007 Luongo era begins, beat Dallas in 7, lose to Ducks in 5
2007-2008 win only 1 out of 8 final games, miss playoffs by 3 points
Nonis fired
2008-2009 Sweep Blues, lose to Blackhawks in 6
2009-2010 Beat Kings in 6, lose to Blackhawks in 6
2010-2011 Beat Blackhawks in 7, Beat Nashville in 6, Beat San Jose in 5, Lose to Bruins in 7
2011-2012 Lose to Kings in 5

During WCE era, Canucks make 2nd round twice (if you count 2006-2007) in 7 seasons.

During current era, Canucks win 5 rounds in 4 years, make cup appearance and win 2 President's Trophies.

Current era AINEC

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